Produced and Directed by Se Yoon Park

Light, Darkness and the Tree I couldn’t find my own voice as an individual and I wanted to give meaning to my work. I had trouble identifying with the projects I worked on before and I wanted to create meaningful works everyone can understand. I found my roots exploring light and darkness through my sculptures. Life is defined by the passage of time, and the passage of time is the flow of light and darkness. Similar to the passing of night and day. I feel as if my work is somewhere in between living and non-living. Though the sculptures are inanimate, they feel alive. Thanks to my exploration through these sculptures, I’ve grown to value the light and darkness in my life. . I’ve grown a deep appreciation for my sculptures because they taught me the nature of light and darkness. When lost in darkness, I’m confident light will come. I can always overcome my darkness since light will shine through. I’ve grown to treasure the light knowing that darkness will come as well.