New York, NY, USA

Publi-Private housing colocating with PS 182 Biliangual School is an urban affordable residence for young urban professionals. To make existing sites available to more New Yorkers, open schoolyard across the city as public grounds.  

Almost schoolyard is in a typical New York City block, where the perimeter is more important than its interior. We propose to reverse this pattern; By combining affordable housing with a public school program, we will open up the interior of the block as an open space accessible to the public and the school. It is a new housing prototype to re-imagine the public and private realm.

Due to the concept of sharing public space and short duration during which users are home, the unit size of Publi-Private housing are very small. To compensate for its small unit size under 150 sf, Publi-Private housing has high ceiling structure. Various of kinetic systems are installed at ceiling to provide its residences with highly attractive, and user-centric program space. Every unit has view, daylight and natural ventilation to increase user’s life quality.

CLIENT Confidential
PROGRAM 31,000 m² (334,000 sf) of compact apartment docking with PS 182 BILINGUAL School.  
AREA 62,000 m² (668,000 sf)
STATUS  Concept Design Phase II
KEY PERSONNEL Phase I - Yun Seok Choi, Se Yoon Park Phase II - Se Yoon Park