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Intellectual Property Rights

Se Yoon Park and HAWIN (How Architecture Works IN) are Se Yoon Park’s original trademarks for servicing his art creations. Please ensure that the unique titles of each creation are regarded as trademarks.

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In particular, Se Yoon Park’s artistic creations, “Light and Darkness_Type A” and “Light and Darkness_Type B” are acceptance of a design patent at the US Patent Office, as of November 2015. This is a minimal protective action that can protect the efforts and time that Se Yoon Park poured into creating these beautiful figures, which react to light and darkness over several years. Please be aware of the fact that using without permission or plagiarizing the unique appearance of “Light and Darkness_Type A” and “Light and Darkness_Type B” by any means will be regarded a violation of patent law. If you know of any pieces by others that you suspect represent plagiarism, please contact immediately.

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