The Strait of Hormuz, Gulf

Oil has made the Strait of Hormuz one of the most important checkpoint in the world. Almost 17 million barrels of oil, or 20% of the world’s traded oil has moved on giant crude oils ships through the Strait of Hormuz daily. It means an annual total is more than six billion barrels, almost 600 billion US dollars. What will happen if Oil is gone? Is it possible for the Strait of Hormuz to be sustainable without oil when the post oil era comes? 

Not only oil but also strategic geographic location has made Strait of Hormuz one of the most dangerous area in the world. It has often been the site of conflict and there have been many threats by neighbor countries to block. For example in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq, War Iran threatened to close the strait after Iraq disrupted shipping in the strait. In addition, the strait was also a major battle field between the United States Navy and Iran in April 1988 after the U.S. attacked Iran during the Iran-Iraq. What will happen if oil is gone? Is it possible for the Strait of Hormuz to be the region that brings cultural and religious harmony and unity to people of world?

The proposal suggests a bridge with infinite loop shape instead of a typical linear form. The bridge with a bigger loop connects Iran and Jordan and the smaller loop connects Jordan and UAE. The generic linear bridge has supported limited transfer of resources and movement. On the other hand, the infinite loop represents constant transfer of resources and movement. This infinite loop bridge also represents the peace when it enters post oil era in the region with the use of wind and wave.

The constant wind and current of Strait of Hormuz can be utilized to generate energy by INFINITE LOOP. The INFINITE LOOP also represents no definite beginning or ending which can be the starting point of the peace in the region. 

CLIENT Gulf Architecture Biennial
PROGRAM  A new type of bridge @ the Strait of Hormuz for post-oil future which includes future energy Infrastructure: infinite wind track above ground and infinite water track below water.  
STATUS Competition, Selected for Publish and Exhibition
KEY PERSONNEL Eunryung Lee and Se Yoon Park