Life embraces duality. Positives and negatives circulate eternally in the universe and existence follows this ideology. I want to make this humble truth a tangible experience through sculpture. An abstract form can serve a unique function and capture order in complexity, demonstrated with the purest of mediums - Light and Darkness. One who is swallowed within darkness can no longer visualize their path. When illumination is discovered so is identity, yet the darkness still remains as a reminder to cherish the ephemerality of light.


The tree is an allegory of existence. It grows from roots deep in the unseeable darkness of the ground to show itself to the world as it reaches for light, contorting to find and escape its glow. In the eternal passing of day into night, the tree consumes and produces, in a continuity of singular moments – moments where the intricacies of the world dissolve, dissolving to unify. The tree, as form, captures the essence of divine order within nature.


Light and Darkness is the most fundamental component of my work. When light dissolves into shadow, and then reemerges, I reflect upon instances in my own life when I was lost and had to find a new path. Light and dark is omnipresent in life and time. They are of equal importance, reminding us of the order that exists in nature and how every moment in life is cherished.